Here at GBCRM we emphasize Paulís Epistles and spend most of our time there because it is there that we find Godís Truth, His Mystery Truth, for believers today as members of the Body of Christ in the Dispensation of Grace (under the Stewardship of the Apostle Paul), who have been called to Godís Purpose of re-establishing His Glory in the Heavenlies.

But in recognizing the distinctiveness of Paulís Apostleship, we must never lose sight of the fact that the whole Bible is for us. Someone has put it this way: While the whole Bible is FOR US, Paulís Epistles are specifically TO AND ABOUT US. When we read and study the whole Bible in the light of Paulís distinct apostleship, we must read it in the context of the FALL of national Israel and the (temporary) setting aside of Godís Prophetic Program with her.

In Romans 15, Paul explains exactly how we are to read, study and understand the whole Bible today. Or put another way: How we are to rightly divide Godís Word.

  First, we must recognize that in His earthly ministry-as recorded in the Gospel Accounts, Acts and the ministry of Peter and the Twelve--Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision (Israel) for the truth of God, to confirm or to make secure the promises God gave to Israelís fathers (Rom. 15:7).

  Second, we must recognize that the Law and the Prophetsóas recorded in the Old Testament--provide only one way of Gentile Blessing, and that was with Israel and through her RISE (Rom. 15:9-12).

  Finally, we must recognize that BUT NOW (in the light of Israelís temporary fall and casting away (Rom. 11)) God has made known a new, previously unrevealed, way of Gentile Blessing through the Apostleship of Paul that is apart from Israel and through her FALL (Rom. 15:13-20).

When we read the Bible in this way, the result will be all joy and peace in believing, that ye may (super-) abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom. 15:13). Studying Israelís Scriptures from the Word rightly divided will give us a greater appreciation for what God is now accomplishing in the Body of Christís Mystery Program. When we read about God faithfully fulfilling His Prophetic Program for the Nation Israel to re-establish His Glory on the earth in the Old Testament, Gospel Accounts and Hebrews through Revelation, our patience, comfort and hope will be enhanced because we understand that He will be just as faithful in fulfilling His Mystery Program for the Body of Christ to re-establish His Glory in the Heavenlies (Rom. 15:4).


Presented by Steve Walker

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