I Timothy notes

by Peter Philippi

Last updated 02/16/17

Jul 31, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim01

Aug 07, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim02

I Timothy 1

  1. Author: Paul
    1. Apostle
    2. Apostle by the commandment of God
    3. God our Savior
    4. Apostle by the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ
    5. The Lord Jesus Christ our hope
  2. The centrality of grace, mercy and peace in Paulís ministry
  3. Aug 14, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim03

  4. Jesus Christ is the means by which God the Father accomplishes His work
    1. Salvation
    2. Submission
    3. Creation
    4. Redemption
    5. Reconciliation
    6. Justification
    7. Propitiation
    8. Revelation
    9. Resurrection
    10. Communication
    11. Foundation

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  5. The importance of sound doctrine in the church
    1. DOCTRINE: the embodiment of truth received from Paul
    2. DOCTRINE: the need to preserve and protect it
    3. DOCTRINE: the only means of edification
    4. DOCTRINE: gives us the correct view and use of law
    5. DOCTRINE: the nourishment and focus of a preacher
    6. DOCTRINE: the great benefit of scripture

    Aug 28, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim05

  6. The distractions and deterrents from sound doctrine
    1. Fables
    2. Genealogies
    3. Law-keeping
    4. Vain jangling
    5. Profane and old wivesí fables
    6. Questions and strifes of words
    7. Profane and vain babblings and oppositions of so-called science
    8. Strife about words
    9. Foolish and unlearned questions
    10. Jewish fables and commandments of men
    11. Foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law
  7. Paulís instruction to Timothy
    1. Stay at Ephesus to command those teaching other doctrine to stop
    2. And not to give attention to fables and endless genealogies
    3. These can only lead to questions rather than a clear understanding of the administration of what God is doing today, and which leads to faith
  8. The purpose of Paulís commandment to Timothy
    1. Love out of a pure heart
    2. Love out of a good conscience
    3. Love out of a genuine faith
  9. The departure of some from Paulís commandment
    1. To fruitless discussions
    2. Desiring to be teachers of the Law
    3. Ignorantly!
  10. The legitimate purpose and use of the Law
    1. Law is good IF it is used properly
    2. Law is not enacted upon a law-abiding person
    3. BUT is for lawless and unruly ones 14+ examples
    4. For those who reject the sound doctrine of the gospel committed to Paul!
      Do this and live the Law commands But gives me neither feet nor hands
      A better word the Gospel brings, It bids me fly, and gives me wings
  11. The unique ministry of the apostle Paul
    1. Godís enablement and empowerment of Paul for his unique ministry
    2. Godís acknowledgement of Paulís faithfulness
    3. Godís appointment and calling of Paul for his unique ministry
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    5. Godís wonderful grace bestowed upon Godís great enemy
      1. A blasphemer, persecutor and injurious
      2. Godís mercy demonstrated to Paul
      3. Godís exceeding abundant grace with faith and love
      4. Paul chief of sinners, first member of the Body of Christ, and a pattern of all believers in this dispensation of grace
      5. Paulís overwhelming gratitude

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  12. Paulís next charge to Timothy
    1. The charge of a father to his son
    2. According to the prophecies that went before him
    3. War a good warfare
    4. Holding faith
    5. Oct 2, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim10

    6. Holding a good conscience
    7. The awful example of two men that did not: Hymaneaus and Alexander
      1. They made shipwreck
      2. They blasphemed
      3. They were turned over to Satan

I Timothy 2

  1. Prayer instructions 2:1-2a
  2. Purpose of the prayers 2:2b-3
  3. Godís deepest desire 2:4
  4. One God and one mediator 2:5
  5. One ransom payment for all 2:6a
  6. A specific timing for the proclamation of this great news 2:6b
  7. A selected proclaimer of this great news 2:7
  8. Dec 18, 2016 -- MP3 audio 1Tim14

  9. Godís order as it pertains to men and women in the church
    1. Men in public prayer and spiritual leadership in the church 2:8
      1. The outward expressions must come from an inward reality
      2. The leading role of men in the church
    2. Womenís grace attitude 2:9-15
      1. Their adornment
        1. Their appearance 9
        2. Their qualities 9-10

        Jan 08, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim15

      2. Their learning 11
      3. Their teaching and authority 12
      4. The biblical rationale 13-14
      5. A womanís "salvation" in childbearing 15

Jan 15, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim16

I Timothy 3

  1. Instructions to be trusted
  2. The pastor/overseer/presiding officer of the local church
    1. Itís a man
    2. No "calling" but "desire"
    3. Itís a good work
    4. Qualifications
      1. Personal life
      2. Family life
      3. Public life

    Feb 05, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim18

    So what we have is:
    1. The manís character
    2. The manís family
    3. The manís reputation
    4. The manís message
      1. Itís the emphasis of Paulís instructions to pastor Timothy
      2. Itís the means God uses to offer salvation to the lost
        - It is NOT by law-keeping
        - It is NOT by our works
        - It IS by the work of Jesus Christ
        - It IS by grace
        - It IS through faith
      3. Itís the way God equips Christians to do the work of ministry

    Feb 12, 2017 -- MP3 audio 1Tim19

  3. The Deacon or helper