Welcome to the Grace Bible Church of Rolling Meadow s website.

We preach Christ Crucified 1 ; we worship Jesus Christ According to the Revelation of the Mystery 2 ; and we study the Bible using the principle of Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 3 (see timeline below).

We meet every Sunday morning at the Rolling Meadows Community Center located at 3705 Pheasant Dr. See MAP & Directions

Fellowship and Refreshments from 9:30 - 9:55
Service from 9:55 - 11:15
We have Sunday School for all children

We are currently studying the Book of 2 Timothy with Peter Philippi and Romans with Steve Walker

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Audio Download link to view all the downloadable recordings.

1)    I Corinthians 1:23
2)    Romans 16:25
3)    II Timothy 2:15


Compare the two timelines below

The Prophesied Program

The Prophesied Program with the present, unprophesied  Mystery period properly inserted