Galatians notes

by Peter Philippi

Last updated 09/23/12

* Galatians - A book of Correction

    Mar 4, 2012 -- MP3 audio 1a 1b

  1. The danger of bad doctrine infiltrating the church through bad teachers
    1. Those that trouble Christians by perverting the gospel
    2. Those that sneak in to spy out and plot against our liberty for the purpose of bringing us into bondage
    3. Those that corrupt even the best among us
    4. Those that come with the effect that they bewitch Christians through their teaching
    5. Those that zealously affect you, but not for good
    6. Those that stop you on your tracks in your spiritual progress
    7. Those that desire to make a show in the flesh
  2. The effect bad doctrine has on Christians
    1. You are removed from Christ unto another gospel
    2. You frustrate the grace of God by going back to Law-keeping
    3. You are foolish, bewitched and disobedient to the truth by going back to Law-keeping
    4. You go back into bondage by going under law
    5. You do not hear the law when you go back under law
    6. You become entangled with the yoke of bondage and fall from grace when you go back under law
    7. You bite and devour one another by operating in the flesh

    Mar 4, 2012 -- MP3 audio 2a 2b

  3. The broad influence bad doctrine has on Christians
  4. What was attacked then is attacked now, and what was in jeopardy then is in jeopardy now
    1. The gospel
    2. Paulís apostleship
    3. Faith
    4. Christian liberty
    5. Grace
    6. Truth
    7. The work of the Spirit

Mar 11, 2012 -- MP3 audio 3a 3b

    * Galatians 1

  1. Paulís apostleship had nothing to do with man, and everything to do with Jesus Christ and God the Father
  2. The unique oneness and fellowship of those that believe Paulís gospel
  3. The unique offer that comes to those who hear Paulís gospel
  4. Apr 1, 2012 -- MP3 audio 4a 4b

  5. Three major themes in Paulís letters: doctrine, defense, rebuke
  6. Man declared war on God, God will one day declare war on man we are living in a relatively short time in between when God is dealing with the world in grace and peace
  7. Peter preached Jesus Christ on Pentecost, but not the way Paul preached Christ!
  8. The tragedy of preaching anything other than Paulís gospel as good news
  9. Preaching the gospel of grace in all of its purity is by the very nature of the case pleasing to God; preaching anything other than the gospel of grace is by its very nature designed to please yourself and men
  10. Apr 15, 2012 -- MP3 audio 5a 5b

  11. As with Paulís apostleship so it was with the gospel he preached
  12. The great contrast between what Paul was, and who he became as a direct result of his encounter with and faith in Jesus Christ
  13. Paul deliberately and explicitly separates himself from the 12
  14. In Judea Paul was not seen, only his reputation preceded him
  15. * Galatians 2

  16. Paul strategically stayed away from Jerusalem 14 years!
  17. When Paul finally went to Jerusalem it was to enlighten the apostles
  18. Apr 22, 2012 -- MP3 audio 6a 6b

  19. Paul brought Titus with him to demonstrate that circumcision and law-keeping are NOT part of Godís new program
  20. The tragedy and seriousness of tolerating wrong teachers that teach doctrine that is contrary to that which Paul preached
  21. The need to be intolerant of wrong doctrine
  22. While Paul enlightened others, he was not enlightened by others
  23. Two gospels, two types of apostles!
  24. James, Cephas and John grasped the uniqueness and newness of Paulís message and ministry
  25. James, Cephas and John exercise the unique authority given to them by Christ
  26. The "Great Commission" goes out of commission
  27. Apr 29, 2012 -- MP3 audio 7a 7b

  28. Remembering the poor
  29. Peterís downfall and hypocrisy
  30. Paulís rebuke of Peter is further evidence that Paul, and not Peter, was now the authority and his message the issue!
  31. The tragic effect of a leaderís fall upon others
  32. The absolute essentiality of ordering our lives according to Paulís gospel
  33. An open offense of a leader, with the tragic effect on others, requires an open rebuke and correction
  34. Justification is NOT by law works
  35. Justification of ONLY by the faith OF Jesus Christ
  36. Justification is ONLY by faith IN Jesus Christ
  37. May 6, 2012 -- MP3 audio 8a 8b

  38. Justification by faith in Jesus Christ leads to the inevitable conclusion that even Jews are sinners
  39. The fact that justification by faith is built upon the premise that everyone is a sinner does NOT make Christ the promoter of sin
  40. The tragedy of seeking to reconstruct that which finally was torn down
  41. The greatest death
  42. The greatest life
  43. The greatest love
  44. The greatest sacrifice
  45. To seek to introduce law to the Christian life is to cancel out grace
  46. If in fact righteousness comes by law-keeping then the death of Christ was a complete waste

    * Galatians 3

    May 13, 2012 -- MP3 audio 9a 9b

  1. Four distinct categories of people
    1. Those that are ignorant of the truth and disobey the truth
    2. Those that hear the truth, resist it and therefore disobey the truth
    3. Those that hear the truth, believe it and obey it
    4. Those that hear the truth, believe it, obey it, but then depart from it and consequently disobey it
  2. Paulís five penetrating and revealing questions
  3. Abraham was declared righteous by faith alone
  4. Abrahamís children are they that are of faith
  5. Abraham was given a promise that foresaw the justification of Gentiles by faith
  6. As with Abraham, Godís blessings only come upon those who are of faith
  7. Going back under law works inevitably and inescapably places you under the curse of the law
  8. Why? Because the law demands 100% obedience of 100% of the law 100% of the time
  9. And NO ONE has ever or will ever be declared righteous by law keeping because the very nature of justification is by faith as clearly stated throughout Godís word
  10. Law is inconsistent with living by faith
  11. Jun 3, 2012 -- MP3 audio 11a 11b

  12. Why? Because once you start with law you have to continue in law without interruption and without exception
  14. As a result of Christís work on the cross (3:13) the blessing of Abraham comes on Gentiles
  15. Gentiles receive the promise of the Spirit by faith
  16. An illustration from human law: once a contract is agreed to and signed, no one can cancel it or add to it 3:15
  17. The contract God made with Abraham could not be cancelled by Godís giving of the Law even though theLaw came 430 years after the promise 3:16-17
  18. The promise given by God to Abraham centered on, was focused on and was founded on Abrahamís single Seed: Christ 3:16-17
  19. In the same way that Law is inconsistent with faith, and grace is inconsistent with Law, so is the promise inconsistent with Law 3:18
  20. So then, what is the purpose of Law? 3:19a
    1. It was necessary because of transgression 3:19a
    2. It was given temporarily until Christ would come 3:19b
    3. It was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator 3:19c
    4. A mediator is not a mediator of one, but God is one 3:20
  21. So, because the Law is inconsistent with faith [in Godís promises], is the Law therefore against the promises of God? 3:21a
  22. If it were at all possible for God to give a law which could have given life, the certainly righteousness would have come by law-keeping 3:21b
  23. BUT the scripture has placed everyone in the same helpless and hopeless predicament: sin with its penalty and condemnation 3:22a
  24. Once that has been concluded, the only way to obtain life and righteousness is by believing in Godís promise and provision in Christ 3:22b
  25. Prior to faith arriving [Godís body of truth for today revealed in Paulís letters] Jews were kept under Law, kept from and kept until that body of truth was to be revealed 3:23
  26. This was the role of Law: a temporary guardian which was dismissed and rendered completely unnecessary once Christ came and His work was accomplished and applied 3:24a
  27. And it was so until justification could be by faith alone, which is the only way justification can be 3:24b
  28. Once faith came [Godís body of truth for today revealed in Paulís letters] Godís guardian [the Law]was dismissed and discharged 3:25
  29. Who is a child of God?
    1. All humans because we were created by God?
    2. All Jews because they are physical descendants of Abraham?
    3. All those who claim to be Christians and are active in a church?
    4. Not according to God and His Word, the only authority in this matter!
    5. ONLY those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ 3:26
    6. ONLY those who have been baptized into Christ and have put on Christ 3:27
    7. And all distinctions have been completely removed now that God is forming a whole new entity: the Body of Christ 3:28
  30. And the conclusion is: if you are Christís, then you are Abrahamís seed 3:29a
  31. And then you, as Abraham, are heirs in keeping with promise [and NOT be Law-keeping] 3:29b

    * Galatians 4

    Jul 1, 2012 -- MP3 audio 14a 14b

  1. The difference between an heir and a servant: the heir is master and owner, the servant possesses nothing 4:1
  2. The similarity between a child-heir and a servant: neither benefits from inheritance 4:1
  3. The child-heir is under tutors [guardians] and governors [household managers] until such a time as the father determines 4:2
  4. The similarity between the child-heir and Israel under law 4:3
  5. The result of being under law: bondage 4:3
  6. The only deliverance from this bondage: the payment Christ made on the cross [redemption] 4:4-5
    1. Christ redeemed us from the law
    2. Christ redeemed us from all iniquity Titus 2:14
    3. Christ redeemed us so we could be declared righteous [justification] Romans 3:24
    4. Christ redeemed us that he might forgive our sins Ephesians 1:7
    5. Christ redeemed us that our status might be changed from infants [no different than servants] to adult sons with full benefits of sonship 4:5
  7. Exactly according to Godís plan, at the exact time appointed by the Father, Christ came 4:4
    1. He was sent by the Father 4:4
    2. He was made of a woman 4:4 only way He could redeem man [Kinsman Redeemer]
    3. He was made under the law 4:4 only way He could set man free from the law
  8. The great benefit of sonship: God is now free to send His Spirit because now we are in a position to receive Him and fully enjoy the relationship He makes possible 4:6
  9. The conclusion then: you are not a servant anymore, but a full-fledged son, with all the benefits of sonship 4:7
  10. Before you knew God you were in bondage as a slave to those who are no gods; but now that you knowGod and are known of Him, why do you want to go back under bondage? 4:8-9
  11. The evidence that you want to go back under bondage: you are going back to the entrapments of being under law 4:10
  12. The concern: all Paulís labor on their behalf was wasted 4:11
  13. The Galatians were drawn to Paul, now they have withdrawn from Paul 4:12-16
  14. Jul 8, 2012 -- MP3 audio 15a 15b

  15. What happened to the Galatians? They were courted away from Paul and his message of grace by legalizers 4:17-18
  16. Paulís genuine concern for those who abandon grace as the only rule of life 4:19-20
  17. Paulís powerful and penetrating questions 4:21
  18. If you try to add law-keeping and law-works to the Christian life it is evidence that you do not understand Godís Law 4:21
  19. The great example in the Law that clearly illustrates the contrast between Law and Grace 4:22-31
  20.   Law Grace
    Two sons: Ishmael (Genesis 16) Isaac (Genesis 17:18-21)
    Two mothers: Bondmaid Freewoman
    Two births: Flesh Promise/Spirit
    Two Covenants: Bondage Promise/Freedom
    Two cities: Jerusalem now is
    In bondage
    Jerusalem above
    Free/Mother of us all
    Two groups: Many more children Less children
    The Body of Christ:   Children Of Promise
    The conflict: Persecuted the other Being Persecuted
    The instruction:   Cast out!
    The inheritance: Excluded  
    The Body of Christ:   NOT child Of bondwoman
    Child Of the free
  21. STAND FIRM in the liberty which was made possible by Christís sacrifice, and STOP being entangled with the yoke of bondage! 5:1
  22. Romans will establish you, Galatians will bring you back if you stray from Romans
  23. Romans Galatians
    Paulís Gospel Moved to another gospel
    No justification by law-works Moved to law-works
    Justified by grace/redemption Moved from grace & redemption
    Justification by faith Moved from faith
    Life only possible = Union Moved from Christ
    Law no longer jurisdiction Moved back to Law ground
    The provision of the Spirit Moved from living in the Spirit
  24. Once you step on law ground Christ profits you nothing 5:2
  25. Once you step on law ground you are under obligation to keep the whole law you cannot pick and choose! 5:3
  26. Once you step on law ground you are practically separated from Christ so that He becomes totally inefficient in your life 5:4a
  27. Once you step onto law ground you step away from grace 5:4b
  28. The Spirit causes us to wait patiently by faith for the fulfillment of all righteousness in us 5:6
  29. What really matters in this dispensation of grace is the inward reality and not the outward conformity 5:7
  30. A critical lesson we must learn: you can obey scripture and be disobedient to the truth at the same time 5:8
  1. It is possible to start well and then do poorly 5:7
  2. It is possible to begin in the Spirit and then move to living life in the flesh 3:3
  3. It is possible to start Christ centered and then move to living life man centered 5:7-8, 2:4-5; 3:1; 6:13
  4. It is possible to live in obedience to the truth and then live in disobedience to the truth 5:7
  5. It is possible to progress in sound doctrine and then get set on a course of wrong doctrine 5:7
  6. It is possible to sincerely desire to obey the truth and be deceived into believing error, and living accordingly 5:7
  7. Wrong doctrine negatively affects those who open themselves up to it 5:7-8
  8. When a Christian demonstrates a total willingness to know and obey the truth he is in the best position to accept and respond to correction 5:10a
  9. Wrong doctrine must be exposed and rejected 5:9 / Philippians 3:17-19
  10. Wrong doctrine is never dormant 5:9 / I Co. 5:1-7
  11. Those that teach wrong doctrine must be exposed and seriously dealt with 5:10b, 12
  12. You can preach religion and ritual and be liked and admired 5:11
  13. Preach the cross and people will be offended 5:11
  14. Preach the cross and you will be persecuted 5:11 / 6:12
  15. Preach the cross and you preach with power I Co. 1:18
  16. Preach the cross! Reckon yourself crucified! Glory in the cross! Ro. 6:3, 6, 11; Galatians 2:20; Galatians 6:14
  17. Liberty is our calling! 5:13a
  18. Liberty must be protected 5:1
  19. Liberty is always at risk 2:4
  20. Liberty must not be misused 5:13b / I Co. 8
  21. Liberty sets us free to serve one another by love 5:13c
  22. Love is the fulfillment of the Law 5:14
  23. We love not because we have to but because weíre free in Christ to do so 5:13-14

    * Galatians 5:15 - Lessons On Legalism

  1. Legalism, as with flesh, will draw out the worse in you and not the best 5:15
  2. Legalism will put you in competition with others rather than contributing to the spiritual well-being of others 5:15 versus 5:14
  3. Legalism is destructive and not constructive 5:15
  4. Legalism is an attempt at holiness but always results in hideousness 5:15
  5. Legalism causes you to believe youíre in control when in reality youíre being controlled 5:15
  6. Legalism is deceiving in that it convinces you that itís the path to victory when in reality itís the path to defeat 5:15

    * Galatians 5:16-26 - Walking in the Spirit

  1. Itís a walk of FAITH not sight Romans 4:12; 2 Co. 5:7
  2. Itís a walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE not in the old man Romans 6:1-4; Ephesians 4:17-32
  3. Itís a walk of GOOD WORKS not bad works Ephesians 2:10
  4. Itís a walk WORTHY OF OUR CALLING not displeasing to God Ephesians 4:1; Col. 1:10
  5. Itís a walk IN LOVE not governed by the pleasures of sin Ephesians 5:1-4
  6. Itís a walk AS CHILDREN OF LIGHT not darkness Ephesians 5:3-9
  7. Itís a walk OF MATURITY AND WISDOM not as fools Ephesians 5:11-17; Col. 4:5
  8. Itís a walk THAT IS PAULINE not as enemies of the cross - Philippians 3:16-20; I Thess. 4:1-7
  9. Itís a walk BY GRACE not after "philosophies" Colossians 2:4-10
  10. Itís a walk AFTER THE SPIRIT not after the flesh - Romans 8:4; 13:13-14; I Thess. 4:12; Galatians 5:16
  11. Walking in the Spirit is the only path to victory 5:16
  12. Walking in the Spirit puts you in harmony with grace Romans 6:14
  13. Walking in the Spirit results in serving others by love 5:13 / Fruit of the Spirit!
  14. Walking in the Spirit is enabled by faith
  15. Walking in the Spirit makes liberty a reality 5:16
  16. Walking in the Spirit will enable you to do what legalism never will
  17. Walking in the Spirit will always be challenged by legalism and lust 5:17
  18. Aug 5, 2012 -- MP3 audio 19a 19b

  19. There is an inward battle always raging between the flesh and the Spirit 5:17
  20. In this battle every Christian controls the outcome 5:16-18
  21. Victory in this battle is guaranteed by God providing we avail ourselves of His provisions 5:16-18/Romans 8:37-39
  22. Law conspiring with flesh will NEVER enable you to do what you know to be right 5:16-18
  23. The works of the flesh are evident, and must be clear to every Christian 5:19a
    1. Adultery
    2. Fornication
    3. Uncleanness
    4. Lasciviousness
    5. Idolatry
    6. Witchcraft
    7. Hatred
    8. Variance
    9. Emulations
    10. Wrath
    11. Strife
    12. Seditions
    13. Heresies
    14. Envyings
    15. Murders
    16. Drunkenness
    17. Revellings
    18. "Such Like"
    19. These are characteristics and behaviors of the unsaved
    20. Characteristics and behaviors the unsaved must flee and refrain from because these are Uncharacteristic of those that are regenerate and walk in the Spirit

      * Galatians 5:16-26 - Walking in the Spirit

    1. There are many things that happen instantaneously, once into perpetuity in the Christian life (a);
      there are others that require continuous, conscious action on our part (b)
      1. Forgiveness of sins
        Death to the Law
        No condemnation
        Eternal life
        Baptized by the Spirit
        Indwelt with the Spirit
        Righteousness imputed
        New nature
        New creation
        Eternally secure
        Complete in Christ
      2. Yielding
        Putting off and putting on (old man / new man)
        Knowing Him
        Being filled with the Spirit
        Walking in the Spirit
        Bearing the fruit of the Spirit
    2. The importance of fruit-bearing
      1. The problem of no fruit-bearing in Israel
      2. The problem of no fruit-bearing as slaves of unrighteousness
      3. The provision of God having set us free from the Law
      4. The provision of God having given us His Spirit
    3. Love
      1. Agape love demonstrated at the cross and exemplified by Christ
      2. Love needs to be sincere and genuine
      3. The supremacy of knowing the love of Christ
      4. The enemies of Agape love
      5. The characteristics and manifestations of Agape love
    4. Joy
      1. Joy in the midst of tribulation: Romans 5:1-5
      2. Joy in our reconciliation: Romans 5:10-11
      3. Joy in believing: Romans 15:13
      4. Joy as a goal in ministry: 2 Corinthians 1:24
      5. Joy in giving: 2 Corinthians 8:1-2
      6. Joy in the spiritual prosperity of others: Phil. 1:1-4, 25
      7. Joy in receiving the Word of God: I Thessalonians 1:6
    5. Peace
      1. Peace is the way God is dealing with the world today
      2. Peace with God is only possible through justification
      3. Peace with God is only possible through the work of Christon the cross
      4. Peace is to be actively pursued among members of the Body of Christ
      5. Peace is contrasted with confusion
      6. Peace has been established by God where there was once enmity between Jew and Gentile
      7. Peace keeps us strong and in our right minds
      8. Peace results from the application of sound doctrine
      9. Peace is Godís provision through the Spirit

      Sep 2, 2012 -- MP3 audio 23a 23b

    6. Longsuffering
      1. God identifies Himself as being named longsuffering
      2. Godís longsuffering is expressed in God holding back judgement so man has an extended opportunity to turn to Him
      3. As those who have been given a new nature and the indwelling Spirit, we are to manifest longsuffering
      4. Longsuffering is manifested in ceaseless and unending contribution to the spiritual welfare of others
    7. Gentleness
    8. Goodness
    9. Faith
    10. Meekness
    11. Temperance
  24. The fruit of the Spirit is not regulated by law
  25. The basis for victory over the sin nature and the way to live the Christian life
    1. Crucifixion
    2. Walking in the Spirit
  26. One more thing: stop becoming vain-glorious, provoking one another, envying one another

    * Galatians 6

  1. The responsibility to restore a person overcome by sin 6:1
    1. The situation: deviating from truth and/or righteousness
    2. The first responders: the spiritual ones
    3. The responsibility: restoration
    4. The attitude: spirit of meekness
    5. The warning: considering yourself lest you also be tempted
  2. The responsibility to help people who are burdened 6:2
  3. The responsibility to think of ourselves appropriately 6:3
  4. The responsibility to test your own work 6:4
  5. The responsibility to bear your own burden 6:5
  6. The responsibility to share and fellowship with those who serve by teaching 6:6
  7. The responsibility not to sow to the flesh 6:7-8a
    1. Sowing always results in reaping
    2. Reaping always takes time
    3. Reaping is always in greater proportions than what is sowed
    4. If sowing did not result in reaping you would make a fool out of God
    5. If you sow to the flesh you will always reap corruption
    6. If you sow to the flesh you will always reap corruption in far greater proportions than you ever expected
  8. The responsibility to sow to the Spirit 6:8b
  9. The responsibility not to slacken in well doing 6:9
  10. The responsibility to do good unto all, especially to members of the Body of Christ 6:10
  11. Paulís letter to the Galatians written with large letters with his own hand 6:11
  12. The true motivation of those that seek to bring you under law: fleshly display of meaningless religion 6:12a, 13
  13. The true motivation of those that seek to bring you under law: that they may not be persecuted by reason of the cross of Christ 6:12b
  14. The glory and victory of the cross 6:14
  15. What really matters: not outward display of religion, but a new creation 6:15
  16. Peace upon those who heed Paulís message 6:16
  17. If anyone will not be persuaded after all this then they do not want to be persuaded 6:17
  18. The answer and the solution are in Godís provision: Grace! 6:18