Ephesians notes

by Peter Philippi

Last updated 04/16/14

    Sep 23, 2012 -- MP3 audio 1

  1. Ephesians provides the second major installment of doctrinal material for the Body of Christ
  2. Romans - Philemon are THE epistles that teach the mechanics and dynamics of the Christian life for the Body of Christ
  3. We must first appropriate the truths of Romans before we can begin to understand the rest of the Pauline epistles and the rest of Scripture for that matter
  4. Romans finds us completely lost and in need of salvation by grace
  5. In Romans Gentile outlaws and Jewish law-breakers are equally lost
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  7. Romans teaches us that no amount of good works can change our lost condition at all
  8. Romans finds us in Adam
  9. Ephesians finds us in Christ
  10. Religion has God justifying the godly
  11. Romans has God justifying the ungodly
  12. Romans finds us in need of dying and rising with Christ
  13. Ephesians starts with us seated with Christ is heavenly places
  14. In Romans we start as far away from God as we could be
  15. In Ephesians we start as close to God as anyone can be
  16. In Romans salvation is the goal
  17. In Ephesians salvation is a means to an end
  18. In Romans we have Jews and Gentiles separately and individually
  19. In Ephesians we have Jews and Gentiles collectively
  20. Ephesians is a great book on eternal security
  21. The reason people have a problem with eternal security is because they have never separated salvation from human merit or demerit
  22. Assurance of salvation is essential to a productive and fruitful Christian life
  23. Ephesians was written around 62 AD, while Paul was in prison for two years
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  25. The historical setting was Acts 19 & 20
  26. Key words are:
  27. The author is Paul
  28. The recipients are believers residing in Ephesus
  29. The blessing of grace
  30. The blessing of peace
  31. The blessing of God
  32. The blessings in Christ

Oct 14, 2012 -- MP3 audio 4


Spiritual Blessings In Christ
  1. The blessing of sainthood
  2. The blessing of dual citizenship
  3. The blessing of grace
  4. The blessing of peace
  5. The blessing of God
  6. The totality of Godís blessings upon the Body of Christ
  7. The spiritual nature of Godís blessings
  8. The blessing of being part of Godís eternal purpose for the Body of Christ Rom 8:28-39
  9. The blessing of being holy and without blame before Him
  10. The blessing of being in His love
  11. The blessing of being appointed to adult son-placing
  12. All that God has done for the Body of Christ centers in God Himself
  13. The blessing of being accepted by God in Christ
  14. Nov 18, 2012 -- MP3 audio 7

  15. The blessing of being redeemed through the blood of Christ
  16. The blessing of having all sins forgiven
  17. The blessing of possessing wisdom and exercising prudence
  18. Nov 25, 2012 -- MP3 audio 8

  19. The blessing of knowing the mystery of Godís will
  20. The Will of God
  21. The blessing of being part of Godís eternal plan
  22. Dec 09, 2012 -- MP3 audio 10

  23. The blessing of having been assigned an inheritance
  24. The reason for it all - The blessing of reflecting His glory
  25. The way to it all - The blessing of believing
  26. The certainty of it all - The blessing of being secure

    In Ephesians Paul builds on the foundation of established believers: blessed with all spiritual blessings
    In Ephesians Paul builds upon Gnosis with Epignosis

    The components of Paulís prayer
    What was true of us before salvation 2:1-3
    What God did for us in salvation 2:4-7
    How God accomplished it 2:8-10
    What was true of Gentiles prior to the dispensation of grace 2:11-12
    What is true of Gentiles in the dispensation of grace 2:13-22

    Jan 06, 2013 -- MP3 audio 13

    The dispensation of the grace of God 3:1-12
    Paulís second prayer for the Ephesians 3:13-19
    Glory to God in the church! 3:20-21
    Walk worthy! 4:1
    Walk humbly and kindly 4:2
    Walk in unity 4:3-6
    Necessary gifts and their purpose 4:7-16
    Walk not as though you were unregenerate 4:17-19
    Put off the old man and put on the new man 4:20-32
    Walk in love 5:1-2
    Walk as children of light 5:3-14
    Walk cautiously/watchfully 5:15-16
    Walk by the Spirit 5:17-20
    Walk in submission 5:21-6:9
    Stand in the fierce battle waged against you 6:10-17
    Pray always 6:18-20

    Jan 13, 2013 -- MP3 audio 14

What Godís Power Accomplished for them that Believe
  1. It is the power of God focused and endued upon believers today
  2. It is power that gives life to the dead
    1. A result of Adamís sin
    2. A universal tragedy
    3. A realm of existence
  3. It is power that delivers from a three-fold bondage
    1. Dominated by the course of this world
    2. Dominated by the prince of the power of the air
    3. Dominated by the sin nature
      1. The lust of the eyes
      2. The lust of the flesh
      3. The pride of life
  4. It is power that delivers from eternal judgment
    1. Godís wrath
    2. The destiny of mankind

Mar 10, 2013 -- MP3 audio 22

The Greatest Provision in the History of Mankind
  1. Godís initiative
  2. Godís mercy
  3. Godís love
  4. Godís life-giving power
  5. Godís grace
  6. Godís gift
  7. Godís kindness
The Greatest Position in the Entire Universe
  1. Raised with Christ
  2. Seated with Christ
  3. The evidence of Godís grace

Apr 28, 2013 -- MP3 audio 23

The Greatest Lies in the History of Mankind
  1. We are doing OK
  2. There is no God
  3. We don't need God
  4. God doesn't love you
  5. We can save ourselves
  6. Salvation is dependent on our works
  7. We can be proud of our accomplishments
  8. We can live the Christian life in our own strength

May 05, 2013 -- MP3 audio 24

The Greatest Work in the Entire Universe
  1. Godís "Poem"
  2. A new creation
  3. A new walk
Ephesians 2:11 - 3:13
  1. The time periods of Ephesians
    1. Jews and Gentiles
    2. Prophesy and Mystery
    3. Conditional Blessings and Unconditional
    4. Formation of a Nation and a Body
    5. Hope of Christ's 2nd Coming and Rapture
    6. Kingdom on earth and Rule in the Heavens
    7. Law Contract and Reign of Grace
    8. 12 Apostles and 1 Apostle
    9. Gospel of the Kingdom and Gospel of Grace
    10. Distinct Portions of Scripture:
  2. The predicament of Gentiles prior to the Dispensation of Grace
    1. Their designation
    2. Their separation
    3. Their alienation
    4. Their estrangement
    5. Their hopelessness
    6. Their godlessness
  3. The blessings of Gentiles in the Dispensation of Grace
    1. Their position
    2. Their nearness
    3. Their provision
    4. Their standing
    5. Their reconciliation
    6. Jun 02, 2013 -- MP3 audio 28

    7. Their new relationship
      1. Without Christ - 12
        - In Christ - 13, 15, 22
      2. Aliens from the nation of Israel - 12
        - No longer foreigners - 19
      3. Strangers from the covenants of promise - 12
        - No longer strangers but fellow-citizens - 19
      4. No hope - 12
        - Now belong to the Father - 16, 18, 19
      5. Without God - 12
        - Of the household of God - 19
  4. The distinctiveness of Paul, and his ministry and message
    1. THE apostle of the Gentiles
    2. THE household manager of the Body of Christ
      "The Dispensation of Grace"
    3. THE revealer of the mystery
      1. He received it by direct revelation
      2. It was kept secret until revealed to Paul
      3. It was then revealed to others through Paul
      4. It can only be grasped through the enablement of the Spirit
      5. It involves a new program for Gentiles
      6. It involves a new gospel
      7. It involves revelation not found in the OT
      8. It involves revelation for all to see
      9. It involves revelation of God's wisdom to the angelic community by the Body of Christ
        • Christ the wisdom of God
        • Israel set aside, Gentile acceptance
        • found in the mystery
        • His will for the Body of Christ
        • content of our teaching to the Body
        • hid in Christ/revealed through the mystery
        • word of CHRIST
        • made known by the church
      10. It is part of God's eternal purpose
      11. It provides bold and confident access to God
      12. It provides great encouragement in adversity

    What is the Mystery

    1. Paul's use of the word (15 of 22 times)
      1. Romans 11:25 - Israel's temporary blindness
      2. I Cor. 2:7 - The hidden wisdom of God ordained to our glory
      3. I Cor. 15:51 - The mystery of the rapture
      4. Ephesians 1:9 - The mystery of His will
      5. Ephesians 3:1-4 - Revealed to Paul
      6. Ephesians 3:8-11 - For all to see
      7. Ephesians 5:32 - Christ and the Church
      8. Colossians 1:24-29 - The completion of God's Word - Christ in you
      9. Colossians 2:1-2 - The acknowledgement of the mystery
      10. Colossians 4:3-4 - Prayer for boldness to proclaim the mystery
      11. Romans 16:25 - Preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery
    2. The Preaching of Jesus Christ
      According to the Revelation of the Mystery
      1. Grace and peace in Christ
      2. The gospel of Christ
      3. God's judgement by Jesus Christ
      4. Faith of Jesus Christ
      5. Redemption in Christ
      6. Peace with God through Jesus Christ
      7. Christ died for the ungodly
      8. Christ's death the demonstration of God's love
      9. God reconciled His enemies through Christ's death
      10. Present atonement through Christ
      11. Gift of eternal life by Jesus Christ
      12. Gift of righteousness by Jesus Christ
      13. Grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ
      14. Baptized into Jesus Christ
      15. Dead to the Law by Jesus Christ
      16. Victory over sin the Law produced through Jesus Christ
      17. No condemnation in Christ
      18. Christ in you
      19. Joint-heirs with Christ
      20. Permanently in God's love in Christ
      21. Christ the end of the Law for righteousness
      22. One body in Christ
      23. We are to put on Jesus Christ
      24. We will all stand before the judgement seat of Christ
      25. Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision
      26. Paul is the minister of Jesus Christ to Gentiles
      27. We are to follow Paul
      28. Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God
      29. We are baptized by the Spirit into Christ's body
      30. We are blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ
      31. We are chosen in Christ that we should be holy and without blame
      32. We are predestinated unto son-placing
      33. Accepted in the Beloved
      34. In Christ sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise
      35. We are complete in Christ
      36. We will meet Christ in the air
      37. We will reign with Him forever

    Ephesians 3:14-21 - Paul's second prayer

    1. Who Paul prays to: the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
    2. Paul's attitude in prayer: total submission
    3. Paul's reference to the Body of Christ
    4. Paul's request that we might be strengthened in the inner man by the Holy Spirit
      1. Riches and glory
      2. Spiritual strength
      3. The inner man
    5. Paul's request that we might let Christ have the central place in our hearts
      1. Dwell
      2. Faith
      3. Heart
        1. Controls the brain
        2. Out of it flow the issues of life
        3. Location of human character
        4. What God is most concerned about
        5. The root of man's problems
        6. It is the seat of man's emotions
        7. It is the seat of man's spiritual decisions
        8. It is the seat of man's attitudes
        9. It is the seat of man's volition (will)
        10. It is the seat of man's conscience
    6. Paul's request that we might be able to comprehend the dimensions we participate in
    7. Paul's request that we might know the love of God
    8. Paul's request that we might be filled with all the fullness of God

    Jul 28, 2013 -- MP3 audio 36

    Ephesians 4

    1. The basis of our walk: blessings of Christ
      1. Holy and without blame
      2. Predestined to adoption
      3. Accepted in the Beloved
      4. Redeemed through His blood
      5. Forgiven all sins
      6. Made known the mystery of His will
      7. Recipients of His inheritance
      8. Sealed with the Holy Spirit
      9. Ability to know His wisdom
      10. A new hope
      11. Recipients of His power
      12. Made alive
      13. Set free from bondage
      14. Saved by grace
      15. Raised together with Christ
      16. Seated with Christ in heavenly places
      17. The evidence of God's grace
      18. God's workmanship
      19. Brought near by the blood of Christ
      20. One in Christ
      21. Reconciled to God by the cross
      22. Direct access to God by the Spirit
      23. Fellow-citizens with the saints
      24. Of the household of God
      25. A holy temple and habitation of God
      26. Participants in God's new mystery program
      27. Members of the Body of Christ
      28. Recipients of new riches in Christ
      29. Communicators of God's wisdom to the angelic community
      30. Capable of understanding the vast dimensions of God's work and plan

    2. The basis of our walk is our calling
      1. Whom God called
      2. The hope of His calling
      3. The greatness of His calling
      4. A holy calling
      5. Called of Jesus Christ
      6. Called according to His purpose
      7. Aug 04, 2013 -- MP3 audio 37

      8. Called to be saints
      9. Called out of darkness into light
      10. Called out of death into life
      11. Called from wrath to blessing
      12. Called from enmity to reconciliation
      13. Called from bondage to freedom
      14. Called from Adam to Christ
      15. Called by the Gospel
      16. Called into His grace

    3. The basis of Paul's appeal: his love for Christ and his love for the saints
    4. Our walk is to reflect who we are in Christ
      1. Walk by faith
      2. Walk in newness of life
      3. Walk after the Spirit
      4. Walk honestly
      5. Walk in love
      6. Walk as children of light
      7. Walk worthy
      8. Walk in wisdom

      Aug 25, 2013 -- MP3 audio 40

    5. Our walk is to be manifested in how we relate to each other
      1. With all lowliness
      2. With all meekness
      3. With longsuffering
      4. Forbearing one another in love
    6. Our responsibility is to diligently protect the unity of the Spirit
      1. One body
      2. One Spirit
        • Walk after the Spirit
        • Law of the Spirit
        • Indwelt by the Spirit
        • Led by the Spirit
        • Son-placing of the Spirit
        • Assurance of the Spirit
        • Enabled to pray
        • Illumination of the Spirit
        • Justified by the Spirit
        • Baptized by the Spirit
        • Sealed with the Spirit
        • Liberty of the Spirit
        • Fruit of the Spirit
        • Filled with the Spirit
      3. One hope
      4. One Lord
      5. One faith
      6. One baptism
        • Baptism into Moses
        • Baptism of repentance
        • Baptism into the Little Flock
        • Kingdom of priests
        • With the Holy Spirit
        • With fire
        • Christ's baptism into death
        • Peter's baptism of cleansing
        • Baptized into Christ / the Body of Christ
      7. One God and Father
        • One God
        • One Father
        • Father of all
        • Who is above all
        • Through all
        • In you all
    7. We need to understand the role and timing of spiritual gifts
      1. A spiritual gift is a God-given, instant enablement
      2. Spiritual gifts were given for specific purposes
        1. Apostles, prophets, teachers: communication of truth
        2. Miracles: confirm that God was working with Gentiles
        3. Gifts of healing: confirm that God was turning from Israel
        4. Helps, governments: manage the affairs of the local assembly
        5. Diversities of tongues: sign to unbelieving Israel
      3. God's love and God's Word are more excellent than spiritual gifts
      4. Spiritual gifts were given to the infant Church, for a brief time
      5. The completed Scriptures accomplish what spiritual gifts could only accomplish partially
    8. Perspectives on "Leading Captivity Captive"
      1. Reference to Christ's enemies
      2. Reference to deceased OT saints
    9. Christ's descent and ascent
    10. God's goals for the Christian
      1. The perfecting of the saints
      2. The work of the ministry
      3. The edifying of the Body of Christ
      4. The unity of the faith
      5. The advanced knowledge of the Son of God
      6. The complete maturity of each member
      7. The strength, stability and protection of each member
      8. The linkage of each member to Christ, the Head of the Body
      9. The interdependence of each member to each other
      10. The growth and edification of the Body in love
        1. Speaking the truth in love
        2. The life of Christ flowing into and through each member
        3. The proper functioning of each member
    11. What must not be true of us as Christians
      1. Vanity of mind
      2. Darkened understanding
      3. Live as if we were alienated from the life of God
        • Through ignorance
        • Because of blindness of heart
      4. Being past feeling
      5. Practicing immorality
      6. Greedy

      Oct 20, 2013 -- MP3 audio 48

    12. What it means to live as those who know Christ
      1. If we have learned anything about Christ, it is that we are NOT to live as if we were still unsaved
      2. Christ is the source, subject and object of our learning
      3. We are taught that we have put off with reference to our former life the old man
      4. We are taught that we are constantly to be renewed in the spirit of our minds
      5. We are taught that we have put on the new man
      6. The new man is part of God's new creation
      7. The new man can only produce righteousness and true holiness
    13. Some specifics of what it means to live as a member of the Body of Christ
      1. Stop lying and speak the truth
      2. Be angry, but do not allow a sinful element to mingle with it
      3. Stop giving the devil an opportunity to act
      4. Stop stealing; rather, work hard and give to the needy
      5. Stop letting corrupt words come out of your mouth; rather, speak words that build up and minister grace
      6. Stop grieving the Holy Spirit of God
      7. Stop being bitter, having outbreaks and passions of anger, brawling and speaking slanderously
      8. Rather, become kind, tenderhearted and forgiving

    Oct 27, 2013 -- MP3 audio 49

    Nov 17, 2013 -- MP3 audio 50

    Ephesians 5

    1. Followers of God and Children of God Walk in Love
    2. Because we are saints (holy) we are to completely eliminate certain behaviors
      1. Fornication
      2. Every kind of uncleanness
      3. Covetousness
      4. Filthiness
      5. Foolish talking
      6. Jesting

      Nov 24, 2013 -- MP3 audio 51

    3. Our lives are to be characterized by giving thanks
    4. There are behaviors that are characteristic of those who have no part in God's eternal blessings
    5. Make sure you are not deceived by words devoid of truth
      1. Why Paul wrote the Book of Romans
      2. Why Paul emphasized the importance of doctrine and intolerance for wrong doctrine
      3. Why Paul prayed for those he cared for
      4. Why Paul rebuked the Corinthians
      5. Why Paul commanded pastors to concentrate and focus on teaching doctrine
    6. Understand that the wrath of God comes upon those whose lives are characterized by the practices condemned by Paul
    7. Dec 01, 2013 -- MP3 audio 52

    8. We are not to lapse into old practices
    9. The reason for a changed life is that we are no longer in darkness, but light
    10. The reason for a changed life is that now we live in the sphere of goodness, righteousness and truth
    11. Dec 08, 2013 -- MP3 audio 53

    12. Paul's compelling appeal not to participate in that which characterizes pagans
      1. These things are not to be a part of your walk
      2. These things are to be put off
      3. These things are to be put away from you
      4. These things are not to be once named among believers
      5. These things are not convenient (fitting)
      6. These things are characteristic of those who have no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God
      7. These things incur the wrath of God
      8. These things are part of darkness
      9. These things are shameful
      10. These things are characteristic of those who sleep and are dead
    13. Understand the contrasts set out for us by Paul
      1. Saved Gentiles and "other" Gentiles
      2. The old man and the new man
      3. Children of God and children of disobedience
      4. Darkness and light
      5. The wise and the unwise (fools)
      6. Being controlled by alcohol and being controlled by the Spirit

      Dec 15, 2013 -- MP3 audio 54

    14. Live life as wise people
      1. Live carefully
      2. Live wisely
      3. Redeem the time
      4. Understand what the will of the Lord is
    15. Be filled with the Spirit
      1. It is imperative that we be filled
      2. It is a moment by moment control
      3. All Christians need to be filled
      4. It is our response of faith
      5. Being filled with the Spirit assumes a spiritual battle
      6. Being filled with the Spirit means that we are walking by the Spirit, being led about by the Spirit, and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit
      7. Being filled with the Spirit requires being controlled by the Word of Christ

        • SPIRIT (Ephesians) WORD (Colossians)
          5:19-20 Attitudes/expressions of joy 3:16
          5:22 Wife's attitude towards husband 3:18
          5:25 Husband's attitude towards wife 3:19
          6:1 Child's attitude towards parents 3:20
          6:4 Parents' attitude towards children 3:21
          6:5-8 Servants' attitude towards masters 3:22-25
          6:9 Masters' attitudes towards servants 4:1
          6:18-19 A constant attitude of prayer 4:2-4

    16. Being filled with the Spirit results in meaningful spiritual musical expressions
    17. Jan 19, 2014 -- MP3 audio 55

    18. Being filled with the Spirit results in a grateful heart
    19. Being filled with the Spirit results in mutual submission to one another
    20. Being filled with the Spirit results in orderly, harmonious, self-sacrificing relationships in the home

      1. Marriage
      2. Submission of the wife to her own husband
      3. Submission of the wife as an obedience rendered to Christ
      4. Submission of the wife because of the headship of the husband
      5. The headship of the husband represents the headship of Christ over the Church
      6. Submission of the wife and headship of the husband preclude submission to parental authority by either
      7. Jan 26, 2014 -- MP3 audio 56

      8. The headship of Christ is unique in that He is also Savior of the Body
      9. Submission of the wife is in the same manner as the Church is in submission to Christ her Head
      10. Submission in everything cannot be an absolute everything
      11. Submission is primarily an attitude
      12. Submission does not preclude open and ongoing communication

        Marriage - Husband
      1. Your attitude towards your wife: unconditional, unending, growing love
      2. The extent of your love for your wife: self-sacrificing love
      3. The daily care for your wife: as you care for yourself
      4. The oneness with your wife: one flesh glued together
      5. Be a lifetime student of your wife
      6. Give honor to your wife recognizing she is the weaker vessel
      7. Give honor to your wife recognizing your equality before God
      8. Intimacy in marriage is an expression of love and kindness
      9. Intimacy is to be given freely
      10. Intimacy is never to be used as a weapon or means of manipulation

      Feb 02, 2014 -- MP3 audio 57

      1. Marriage was created by God
      2. A Christian should only marry another Christian
      3. This does not mean that you should marry any Christian
      4. Marriage is a lifetime commitment to another person
      5. Marriage precludes living for yourself
      6. Marriage is where the attributes of the Christian life should be manifested first
      7. Marriage is designed to contribute to each other's quality of life
      8. Marriage is a lifetime of cooperation and contribution, and never a competition
      9. Marriage is to be enriched by children, not weakened or destroyed
      10. Marriage is a forum for friendship, enrichment and joyful self-sacrifice

        Parenting and Children
      1. Children need to learn obedience
      2. Children need to learn obedience for the right reason
      3. Children need to learn that being good doesn't get them to heaven
      4. Feb 09, 2014 -- MP3 audio 58

      5. Children need to know they are sinners before a Holy God and ultimately accountable to Him
      6. Children need to have a clear understanding of salvation, as early as possible
      7. Children need to honor their parents
      8. Children must not be angered and embittered by the treatment they receive from their parents
      9. Children need parents that respect and love each other
      10. Children need affection
      11. Children need to know they're a priority
      12. Children need a supportive and nourishing environment
      13. Children need to be taught to do their very best
      14. Children need structure in life
      15. Children need protection, not sheltering
      16. Children need inward transformation, not conformity
      17. Children need to be taught what's important in life
      18. Children need to be taught God's Word
      19. Children need discipline
      20. Children need follow-through and consistence
      21. Children need to be taught responsibility
      22. Children need to be allowed to endure difficulties
      23. Children need to be understood
      24. Children are the responsibility and product of parents
      25. Children need parents who fulfill their God-given roles in the home
      26. Children are a gift and great joy

      Feb 16, 2014 -- MP3 audio 59

    21. Being filled with the Spirit results in the highest work ethic
      1. Doing what we are told or asked to do
      2. Being reverent and zealous
      3. Being totally sincere and real in the fulfillment of our responsibilities
      4. Recognizing that what we do and how we live is for Christ
      5. Have the same attitude when in authority as you expect from those under authority

      Feb 23, 2014 -- MP3 audio 60

      Ephesians 6:10-20 - Being Strong In The Lord
    22. Can't be strong in the Lord unless we are clear on ten major doctrinal issues
      1. Man is totally lost and deserving of God's judgment - Romans 1-3:20
      2. Justification is only possible through the redemption and propitiation of Christ - Romans 3:21-26
      3. Salvation is only possible by grace through faith apart from works - Romans 3:27-4:25
      4. What was true of us in Adam and what is true of us In Christ - Romans 5
      5. The provisions God has made in Christ and in grace - Romans 6-8
      6. Where Israel and the Body of Christ fit in God's program - Romans 9-11
      7. The completeness and totality of God's blessing in Christ - Ephesians 1-2:10
      8. What was true in "time past" and what is true in the "but now" - Ephesians 2:11-22
      9. Paul's unique Apostleship and the revelation of the Mystery - (Romans 16:25-26) Ephesians 3
      10. How to apply the truths of Romans and Ephesians to the details of daily living - Romans 12-16 and Ephesians 4-6:9

      Mar 02, 2014 -- MP3 audio 61

    23. Can't be strong in the Lord unless we consciously apply each part
      1. Truth
      2. Righteousness
      3. Gospel of Peace
      4. Mar 9, 2014 -- MP3 audio 62

      5. Faith
      6. Salvation
      7. Word of God
      8. Mar 16, 2014 -- MP3 audio 63

      9. Prayer